Sunday, 17 November 2013

Serendipity...Or a Marked Improvement?

Thursday was pretty rough.  We got one kill and lost...lots of ships.  I lost the most, as I was too lazy to bother warping my pod out after getting curb-stomped.  Still a fun night, just a little one-sided for most fights.  We did discover that Nisuwa is a pretty happening place.

This happened.

I had to digest the events of Friday night for a couple of days.  Tesla and I planned to get out and explode, but things really worked out for us for some strange reason.  When I say things worked out, I mean that there were actually very few explosions on our side.

This is my Kestrel. There are many like it, but this one is mine

First, an Atron landed on us in a novice plex.  Fortunately for him, he managed to escape Tesla's double-web and put some pressure on me.  Unfortunately for him, I still managed to blow him up.
I kept asking Tesla how things were going on his end.  Things went find for him, and the Atron was blaster fit and trying to get close enough to ping at my shields.  That being said, Tesla lamented that his hull had no prop mod equipped, so he couldn't come and contribute to the explosion.  Sorry, dear readers, I forgot to grab and screen shot of this fight.

Elated with a win from our first fight of the evening, we headed into Nennamaila and met with a neuting Tristan.  Tesla managed to grab it with his webs, and for some strange reason didn't lose the ability to fire his blasters due to being within range of the Tristan's neutralizers.

Fights without overview are hard.

We managed to take it down, but the drones managed to put a good hurt on me.

Damn, we missed the pod.  And, blackup has arrived.

A Gallente piloted Slasher warped in just as we finished off the Tristan.  I had to warp out, as my shields were pretty much gone.  Tesla apparently held the Slasher and managed to survive while I was recharging.  As I warped back into the plex, the Slasher warped out.  We decided to press our luck in a different system.

Due to shitty FCing on my part, Tesla and I got split on a gate.  Tesla's Merlin, with it's very specific fit, was quickly shredded by an assortment of Gallente frigates.  Say what you will about Tesla's Merlins, it's tough to get upset about the loss.  Some day soon, he'll have enough confidence in his abilities to throw a bit of isk at the ships, and maybe mix it up a little.

After repairing my Kestrel and giving Tesla some time to jump into another Merlin, we were back at it for one last go (by this time I was exhausted, and slightly drunk).  Our final engagement took a little while to happen, as there seemed to be a few larger-sized gangs moving about.  Finally, a Punisher warped into us.  This time, Tesla's fit was perfectly suited to take it down.  With two webs on it, the Punisher couldn't kite Tesla effectively.  This was compounded by the fact that lasers don't seem to be able to track for shit on something that's orbiting at 500 m.  Another win for us.

At which point, the beers, and the overall exhaustion from playing a game of hockey that day, caught up to me.  We called it a night at 3 wins and 1 loss between the two of us.  This may not be much of an achievement for some, but for the two of us it's a drastic change.  After the bludgeoning we had received the night before, it felt good to come out ahead.

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